Greetings, I’m David, and my journey began in 1970s Ireland. Since then, I’ve embarked on extensive global travels, immersing myself in diverse cultures and perspectives. My nomadic spirit led me to call Australia home for a considerable stretch, living in vibrant cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and the serene coastal haven of Byron Bay. Beyond that, I’ve embraced the vibrant energy of London and the artistic charm of Berlin.

Spanning across continents, my adventures have gifted me with a wealth of experiences, yet Antarctica remains the only uncharted territory on my map. My love for exploration isn’t solely limited to being a traveler; I’ve also taken on the role of a host. Over the years, I’ve curated and managed numerous holiday accommodations, creating welcoming spaces for fellow travelers to make cherished memories.

As I share my stories and insights, my goal is to enrich your own travel escapades. Join me in this journey of discovery as we seek to enhance the tapestry of your global wanderings.

Trying to look bored in Switzerland ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️