Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala

5 most Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala:

There are few places on earth that sound as wildly exciting and exotic as Guatemala.  There are som many incredible places to visit in Guatemala. This land of volcanoes, lakes, pyramids and smiling faces offers more than enough to keep even the most demanding traveller happy and occupied.

Your excitement will keep on rising the more you read about this incredible Central American country and the tempting places to visit in Guatemala.

Explora Guatemala
Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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My 5 most incredible places to visit in Guatemala:

Places to visit in Guatemala 1 – Antigua

One of the most exciting places to visit in Guatemala is the colourful colonial city of Antigua. This was once one of the most important cities in the region but is now a laid-back stop for travellers looking to explore this fascinating country. Antigua was once the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala but recurring natural disasters meant that it was virtually abandoned by the 19th century. These days is has a thriving ex-pat community and is regularly visited by cruise liners and lots of tourists. There are now few better places in Latin America to feel the history of the place and to do some shopping. If you like taking pictures on your travel then you will also capture some fantastic ones here, with colourful buildings and friendly locals vying for your attention.

Surrounded by 3 majestic volcanoes, Antigua is a colonial jewel in the central highlands of Guatemala. Blessed with a sublime climate and dotted with magnificent ruins and perfectly preserved colonial churches, Parque Central, is the perfect place to wile the day away. A vibrant mix of Mayan and Spanish descendents as well as a thriving tourism culture makes this a mecca for people watching.

Antigua, Guatemala

Places to visit in Guatemala 2 – Mystical Mayan Pyramids and Temples

Guatemala is an excellent place to explore ancient Mayan ruins and temples. Some are very well preserved while some are slowly losing ground to the surrounding jungle.

While some of these structures are relatively easy to get to, others involve jungle treks that add to the adventure and the memorable experience. There is nothing quite like finally reaching a remote Mayan city after a long and tiring journey through stunning natural scenery, Indiana Jones style.

Zaculeu – White City
Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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Among the top places to visit in Guatemala in this respect is the White City, known by the name Zaculeu.  The pyramids and ancient Mayan ball court sit in a magnificent setting close to the city of Huehuetenango.

This place was deserted when the Spanish conquistadores starved out the Mayans in 1525, although it was restored to something approaching its former glory in the 20th century as a tourist attraction.

Yaxha and Lake Yaxha

Another terrific choice is Yaxha, which became well-known after being featured on the US Survivor show. This ruined city is close to the Belize border and well-situated for tourists to head out to visit. This is a hugely atmospheric place where you can watch an unforgettable sunset over Lake Yaxha.

Yaxha Sunset Tour


Of course, if you have only heard of one Mayan city in Guatemala then it is probably the beautiful ruins at Tikal. This is quite simply one of the most impressive ancient cities you will find anywhere in the world and pretty much a must-see for anyone visiting Guatemala.

Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala 3 – El Mirador

El Mirador is another great lost city to visit. The ancient site was once the thriving capital of Mayan civilization taken Over by Jungle (6th century BCE~ 1st century CE)The site is undergoing approximately 25-year excavation project by the director of archaeology named “Richard D. Hansen”.It is the largest known ancient Mayan city and also the oldest. Which even predates “Tikal”.

Here, one of the Pyramids called “La Danta” is the largest pyramid in the world. (not the tallest) The perimeter of this city is greater than the size of downtown Los Angeles and only 3~4% have been excavated so far according to Dr. Hansen.

Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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If you are lucky enough to cross paths with the archaeologists at the site then you will get to see the underground passage beneath one of the structure called Jaguar Paw Temple (structure 34), the remote location of El Mirador has prevented it from becoming a popular tourist site; trekking 5 days into the jungle being the shortest route.

According to the archaeological site management record; the number of people visited the site during last year in total was 300~400 people and is on the rise steadily.This is approximately 2500 year-old remnants of history.

Archaeological Site El Mirador

Places to visit in Guatemala 4 – Lake Atitlan:

The World’s Most Beautiful Lake?

Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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You won’t believe how stunningly pretty this lake is until you get here. In fact, even then you might have to pinch yourself to believe what your eyes are seeing. Some famous visitors have waxed lyrical about the beauty of this lake, and it is easy to see why.


A big Mayan community lives here, living out a traditional way of life. It is also one of the best places to visit in Guatemala for trekking up volcanoes and for visiting quaint little villages. You will really feel as though you are somewhere special when you take a wander round here and look out over the lake.

If you like laid-back places where you can buy trinkets, take life easy and be close to nature then you could easily spend weeks around this lake. There is even a yoga retreat nearby if you want to meditate and reflect on life in one of the most picturesque places you are ever likely to be in.

Places to visit in Guatemala 5 – Flores: for Chilling Out

If you are heading over to Tikal then a side trip to the pretty colonial town of Flores is definitely recommended. This is a delightful place that looks fantastic and promises a cool time for you. You can eat in a shore-front restaurant, meet other travellers and soak up a very special atmosphere here.

Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala
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As Flores is on an island it is also a fine spot to hire a boat, go swimming or just head to the beach. The welcoming feel to this town means that some travellers also decide to hang around here and learn Spanish or just chill out for a while. Tikal is only about an hour away by bus, so it is easy to see why so many tourists choose to make Flores their base when they want to see the wonders of this old Mayan city.

Youth Hostel Los Amigos in Flores, Guatemala

There are many other fine places to visit in Guatemala too, such as the fabulous market town of Chichicastenango. Guatemala might not be a massive country but it is somewhere you can really relax and feel a part of something special.

You can also mix its intriguing history and architecture with shopping, high octane sports and lots and adventure.

Flores Guatemala Hidden Gems

Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala: Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for? Come check out the most incredible places to visit in Guatemala. We’ve barely scratched the surface!


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Incredible Places to Visit in Guatemala

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