Concorde History

Concorde History and Brief Tribute to an Amazing Icon

Have you ever dreamt of flying mach 2 on the edge of the stratosphere from New York to London in around 3 hours?

Concorde History – Is it all over?

Nearly two decades after the last Concorde flight, supersonic airliners are apparently making a comeback. US air giant, American Airlines has now placed an order for 20 new supersonic airliners, which could come into service as soon as 2029 – years after the last commercial flight,

I cannot wait (although I very much doubt it will ever happen you never know).  I’ve always wanted to fly Concorde and was so disappointed on missing last time. I’m determined not to let that happen again in 2029. 

Here’s our tribute to this icon of aviation, and a brief Concorde history of the supersonic jet. May she fly again.

Concorde – A Tribute

A Brief History of Concorde

Concorde was a collaboration between Aérospatiale and BAC –  British Aircraft Corporation, under a special Anglo French treaty.

Full Circuit: Concorde

Concorde could only carry somewhere between 92 and 128 passengers, but normally had seating for 100 passengers and 9 crew.

There were only 20 Concorde aircraft ever built, at a huge cost.  Six of these built were prototypes. British Airways and Air France bought the remaining 14, 7 each. The purchase was heavily subsidised by both the British and French governments.

Concorde’s very first flight was in 1969 and regular test flights began in Britain in December 1971. Commercial flights began in 1976 and ended in 2003.

There were regular transatlantic flights between Heathrow (British Airways) and Charles de Gaulle (Air France) to JFK (New York), flying at record speed levels, with maximum speed being twice the speed of sound, reducing flight time by half.  Three hours between London Heathrow and New York JFK.

There were also also flights to Washington Dulles International airport and Barbados.

Concorde had a droopy nose, that could drop down for taxiing, take off and landing, so as to allow the pilots to see the runway, and be raised up during flight to make the supersonic jet more streamlined and reduce drag.

concorde history
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With a downturn in the aviation industry in the late 90s early 2000s, the crash of a Concorde flight in France in July 2000, killing 113 people, and the 9/11 attacks, Concorde flew it’s last commercial flight in 2003.

Concorde – A Love Story

Shooting Concorde with Hélène Binet

Concorde Past Accident History

More Indepth History of Concorde

Did you know Concorde was not the first commercial supersonic transport aircraft?

British Airways History of and Tribute to Concorde

What was it like to fly on Concorde?

Concorde Trailer 3

For even more in-depth info on the history of Concorde, watch the following youtube video:

The Concorde Story

Concorde’s Last Flight

Oh well, back to backpacking in Australia for me then..

Our Tribute to an Icon and Brief Concorde History – by Robert Bell 

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Concorde History

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