Best Things to do in Buenos Aires

Our Top 10 Best Argentina Tourist Attractions:

Our 10 Best Argentina Tourist Attractions That Aren’t Buenos Aires:

You could be forgiven for thinking that all of the best Argentina tourist attractions are crammed into the city of Buenos Aires.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Buenos Aires – Courtesy: destinationlesstravel

However, this isn’t the case at all. While this massive city has some amazing sights, there is also plenty more to be discovered in the 8th biggest country on earth.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions

Argentina is a land of diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history. It is a captivating destination that beckons travelers from all corners of the earth. From the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Patagonia to the lively streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina boasts an array of tourist attractions that will leave visitors enchanted. In this article, we present a curated list of the best Argentina tourist attractions that are not Buenos Aires, but are sure to make your journey a truly unforgettable experience.

ARGENTINA – Ain Raadik

Northern Argentina Tourist Attractions:

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 1 – Salta

What can you expect to find in the north of Argentina? It’s probably just a desert wasteland, right? Well, I have travelled through this region plenty of times and I love it

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Photo by Hector Ramon Perez

The first thing you should know about the north of Argentina is that it is massive but lightly populated. You won’t see much desert, though. Rather, you will see awesome fields of orange trees, sugar cane and vast vineyards that just stretch out into the distance. The distances here are huge and a bus trip from Buenos Aires to Salta takes the best part of a day.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Courtesy: wia

It is worth it, though. Salta is a cute, laid back city that feels on a different planet from the noise and bustle of the capital. The main plaza here has a lovely cathedral and the people are famously friendly too.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Courtesy: ET
Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Courtesy: poh
The TRUTH about Salta Argentina: Why Everyone is Talking About It – Tide Knot Travellers

Salta is probably the best city in this region but the North of Argentina tourist attractions also include the fine city of San Miguel de Tucuman (commonly just called Tucuman).

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 2 – San Miguel de Tucumán

In Tucuman you will find the historic building where the country’s independence was declared and where a daily show is carried out in honour of this.

Courtesy: britannica

Tucuman has a stunning plaza and one of the biggest city parks you will ever see. It is famous for its magnificent climate and for having a great culture scene. I have also visited here a few times and feel that it offers a little less for tourists than Salta but is bigger and possibly a better place to live.

Photo by Nicolás Perondi
🇦🇷 【4K 60fps】 WALK – SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMAN ~ walking Tour – Argentina – World Walking Tours
Jujuy – Salta – Tucuman (Argentina) – Família Rodante

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 3 – Cordoba and Its Surroundings

Courtesy: cwp

The city of Cordoba is the second biggest in the country and has a lot to offer tourists. The first things people told me about this city are that the people are famously friendly and that they have a funny accent. The first point certainly seemed to be true, while my problems in understanding the local accent could be down to the second point.

Few of the most obvious Argentina tourist attractions are found here but it is a cool place to spend some time. There are some atmospheric old religious buildings in the city and Paseo del Buen Pastor seems to be the place where the locals head to when they want to meet up.

Paseo del Buen Pastor – Courtesy: cordobaturismo

Most of the main attractions here seem to be outside of the city itself. For example, I took the wildly popular train ride out to Cosquin but had to get the bus back to Cordoba, as all of the carriages on the return trip jam-packed 10 minutes before the departure time. An annual music festival is held in Cosquin but at other times of year it is a peaceful place to head for a barbecue and a quiet stroll round the small town.

Courtesy: genial

The nearby Carlos Paz is where many Argentine celebrities head to during the summer months, as the many local theatres become the cultural centre of the nation for a period. The other big attraction here is a cuckoo clock that, well, to be honest it regularly leaves crowds of eager tourists a bit disappointed with its feeble display every hour. Nevertheless, this is another easy day trip well worth making, with a cheap bus journey from Cordoba taking just a couple of hours.

Courtesy: wa
CORDOBA TRAVEL GUIDE | 15 Things TO DO in Córdoba, Argentina – Samuel and Audrey

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 4 – Iguazu Falls

Located on the border of northern Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls is a breathtaking spectacle of nature. Consisting of a series of cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush rainforests, this natural wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Prepare to be mesmerized by the sheer power and beauty of the falls as you explore the network of walkways and viewpoints that provide stunning panoramic views.

Photo by Sasha Lantukh
Iguazu Falls Argentina and Brazil: Which side is better? – Mahna Ghafori

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 5 – Corrientes

Nestled in northeastern Argentina, the province of Corrientes is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by avid travelers. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant festivities, Corrientes offers a unique and authentic experience that rivals many other other tourist destinations in the country. 

Courtesy: pym
Corrientes Argentina – Bayron Velez

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 6 – Mar Del Plata

Nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata is a picturesque coastal city that captivates visitors with its vibrant beach culture, stunning seascapes, and a wide range of activities for all types of travelers.

Courtesy: wiki

As one of Argentina’s most popular beach destinations, Mar del Plata offers a unique blend of relaxation, entertainment, and natural beauty.

What to do in summer in Mar del Plata – Marianny Dey (in Spanish with subtitles)
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Best Argentina Tourist Attractions Further South

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 7 – Mendoza Wine Region

Courtesy: wtso

If you’re a wine aficionado, a visit to the Mendoza Wine Region is a must. Situated at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, this region is famous for its world-class vineyards and exquisite wines. Embark on wine tours, sample Malbecs and other varietals, and indulge in gourmet cuisine paired with the finest wines. The stunning landscapes and warm hospitality make Mendoza a haven for wine enthusiasts.


Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 8 – Bariloche and the Lake District

(Also known as San Carlos de Bariloche)

For nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, Bariloche and the surrounding Lake District are a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Courtesy: infobae
A Weekend in Bariloche Argentina Vlog – WHAT TO DO In San Carlos De Bariloche (Pt. 1) – Hobarts Abroad – Travel Couple

Picture-perfect lakes, snow-capped mountains, and lush forests provide a stunning backdrop for a range of activities such as hiking, skiing, and boating. Indulge in the region’s famous chocolate, explore the picturesque town of Bariloche, and soak in the serene beauty of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Nahuel Huapi Lake: By Jocel Borotto
Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
Nahuel Huapi Lake: by Alejandro Cuffia

BARILOCHE DAY TRIP: Nahuel Huapi BOAT CRUISE + FONDUE FOR TWO at Llao Llao Hotel in Argentina! – Samuel and Audrey

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 9 – Perito Moreno Glacier

Nestled within Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, the Perito Moreno Glacier is a true marvel of ice. This colossal glacier spans over 250 square kilometers and is renowned for its vibrant blue hues. Witnessing massive chunks of ice calving into the turquoise waters of Lake Argentino is an awe-inspiring experience that should not be missed. Take a boat ride or walk along the designated trails to get up close to this natural wonder.

Cooutesy: holidaycheck
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina [Amazing Places 4K] – Amazing Places on Our Planet
HIKING A GLACIER IN PATAGONIA 🇦🇷 ARGENTINA (Perito Moreno | El Calafate) – Jumping Places

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions 10 – Ushuaia

Nestled at the southernmost tip of Argentina, Ushuaia proudly holds the title of the world’s southernmost city. Surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine glaciers, and the vast Beagle Channel, Ushuaia offers a unique and awe-inspiring travel experience.

Ushuaia by Francisco Paez
Courtesy: Piero Damiani
Courtesy: dm
Things to do in USHUAIA, Argentina | Ushuaia Travel Guide – the City at the End of the World! – Samuel and Audrey

Travel to Ushuaia in style


Best Argentina Tourist Attractions BONUS – Buenos Aires

Oh, come on, no visit to Argentina is complete without exploring the vibrant capital city, Buenos Aires, so of course I have to give it a quick mention.

Photo by Jeremy Stewardson

Known for its tango music, colorful neighborhoods, and impressive architecture, Buenos Aires offers a perfect blend of cosmopolitan charm and cultural heritage. Wander through the historic streets of San Telmo, marvel at the iconic Obelisco, and immerse yourself in the energy of the lively La Boca neighborhood.

Exploring and Eating in Buenos Aires. An Incredible City! – James Andrews

The people, the scenery, the weather and the food as you explore the different regions of this country but the feeling of being somewhere very special never goes away.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA | Where The U.S. Dollar Lets You Live Like A King (4K) – Kevin Across America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Traveling to Argentina

Q1: Do I need a visa to travel to Argentina?
A1: Visa requirements vary based on your nationality. Many countries, including the United States, Canada, and most European countries, do not require a visa for tourism stays of up to 90 days. Check with the nearest Argentine embassy or consulate for specific visa requirements.

Q2: What is the currency used in Argentina?
A2: The currency used in Argentina is the Argentine Peso (ARS). It’s advisable to have local currency on hand, as not all places accept credit cards, especially in more remote areas.

Q3: Is English widely spoken in Argentina?
A3: While Spanish is the official language, English is not widely spoken outside of major tourist areas. Basic Spanish phrases can be helpful for communication, especially in more rural regions.

Q4: When is the best time to visit Argentina?
A4: The best time to visit Argentina depends on your interests and the regions you plan to explore. The high tourist season is during the summer months (December to February), but some areas are also great to visit during the shoulder seasons of spring (September to November) and fall (March to May).

Q5: Are there any health precautions I should take before traveling to Argentina?
A5: It’s recommended to check with your healthcare provider for any required or recommended vaccinations before traveling to Argentina. If you’re planning to visit remote areas, consider bringing basic medical supplies.

Q6: How is the public transportation system in Argentina?
A6: Argentina has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and trains. Buenos Aires also has an efficient subway (subte) system. Taxis and rideshare services are widely available in major cities.

Q7: What are some popular destinations in Argentina?
A7: Argentina offers a diverse range of destinations. Buenos Aires, the capital, is known for its vibrant culture. Patagonia offers stunning landscapes, including the Perito Moreno Glacier. The wine region of Mendoza, the Iguazu Falls, and the Andes Mountains are also popular choices.

Q8: What are the safety considerations when traveling in Argentina?
A8: Argentina is generally safe for travelers, but like any destination, it’s important to be cautious. Be mindful of your belongings, especially in crowded areas. Stay updated on local news and adhere to any travel advisories.

Q9: What should I pack for my trip to Argentina?
A9: Pack according to the regions you plan to visit and the season. Comfortable walking shoes, versatile clothing layers, a good pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a power adapter for electronic devices are essential.

Q10: Are credit cards widely accepted in Argentina?
A10: While credit cards are commonly accepted in urban areas and larger establishments, it’s advisable to carry some cash, especially in more remote or rural locations.

Remember that travel information can change, so it’s recommended to consult official government travel advisories and reputable travel resources before your trip to Argentina.

FAQ – Argentina Tourist Attractions That Aren’t Buenos Aires

Q1: What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Argentina outside of Buenos Aires?
A1: Argentina offers a wealth of attractions beyond Buenos Aires. Some notable destinations include the Iguazu Falls, Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier, the wine region of Mendoza, Bariloche’s stunning lakes, Ushuaia – the gateway to Antarctica, and the Andes mountains.

Q2: How do I get to the Iguazu Falls?
A2: The Iguazu Falls can be reached by flying to Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport. It’s recommended to visit both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of the falls for the best experience.

Q3: What makes Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier special?
A3: The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. Its immense size and dramatic ice formations are awe-inspiring. You can view it from designated walkways or take boat tours for an up-close experience.

Q4: Is Mendoza only famous for wine?
A4: While Mendoza is renowned for its wine production, it also offers stunning landscapes, including the Andes mountains. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding, and explore the charming city of Mendoza itself.

Q5: What’s unique about Bariloche?
A5: Bariloche is known for its picturesque lakes, Swiss-style architecture, and access to the Andes. It’s a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like hiking, skiing, and water sports.

Q6: What’s notable about Ushuaia?
A6: Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and serves as the gateway to Antarctica. It’s surrounded by stunning landscapes and offers opportunities for adventure activities, wildlife watching, and exploring Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Q7: How can I explore the Andes mountains in Argentina?
A7: The Andes provide a breathtaking backdrop for adventure. Consider hiking, trekking, or taking scenic drives through routes like Ruta 40 to experience the grandeur of the mountains.

Q8: Are these attractions accessible year-round?
A8: Many of these attractions are accessible year-round, but weather conditions can vary. For instance, Patagonia’s best season is generally from November to April, while Ushuaia offers a unique winter experience.

Q9: How can I plan a trip to these destinations?
A9: Research the attractions you’re interested in, plan your itinerary, book accommodations in advance, and consider transportation options. Many regions have local tour operators that can enhance your experience.

Q10: Is English widely spoken in these areas?
A10: While Spanish is the primary language, English is often spoken in tourist areas and hotels. Basic Spanish phrases can be helpful for smoother interactions.

Remember that travel information can change, so it’s recommended to consult official government travel advisories and reputable travel resources before your trip to these captivating attractions in Argentina.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions – Final Thoughts:

Argentina, with its diverse attractions, offers an unparalleled travel experience. From the captivating Iguazu Falls to the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier, the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires to the natural beauty of Bariloche, and the wine paradise of Mendoza, Argentina is a treasure trove of unforgettable tourist attractions. Embark on a journey to this captivating country, and let its charm and beauty leave an indelible mark on your heart. Discover the best Argentina has to offer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are planning on visiting here, then the very best piece of advice you can receive, is to make it a long trip. Even with a couple of months in Argentina you are unlikely to feel that you have had more than a tantalising taste of a huge country. However, it will be enough to let you see that there is a lot more to see and do here than just visit Buenos Aires.

Best Argentina Tourist Attractions
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