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Blarney Castle Ireland: Get The Gift of Eloquence..

Have you ever wished that you could talk more freely and eloquently?

The Irish call this “the gift of the gab” and you can supposedly gain this power by kissing the Blarney Stone, which is housed in Blarney Castle Ireland.

Blarney Castle Ireland
Courtesy: ic

This is a large block of limestone that is built into the castle, just a few miles away from Cork. It has been here since the mid 15th century and in that time it is estimated that millions of tourists from all over the planet have kissed it. In fact, the word “blarney” is now used by many people to mean a way of speaking in a flattering, witty and clever way.

The full name of the stone is the Stone of Eloquence and some people will tell you that it is a magic stone that Irish kings used to sit on. Since it first gained worldwide fame many famous people such as actors and renowned statesmen have kissed the Blarney Stone.

Ancient Aliens: Magical Blarney Stone Grants Mystic Powers | History – by HISTORY

The latest figures I could find suggest that up to 400,000 a year place their lips on this stone, a fact which saw it named as one of the planet’s most unhygienic tourist attractions a few years ago.

Stars Who Have Gone to Blarney Castle Ireland to Kiss the Blarney Stone

A little bit of online research reveals that the stars who have gained the gift of eloquence here include the following; Laurel & Hardy, Winston Churchill and Mick Jagger. Even The Simpsons visited here, with Bart painting his rear end grey and taking the place of the stone.

Simpsons: Bart at the Blarney Stone – by Ben Simon a.k.a. Cartoon Man Central

It used to be that you got held by the ankles and went down head first to kiss the Blarney stone but these days you can do it just by holding on to an iron railing and leaning back. Get ready to start talking endlessly and in a charming way as soon as you do this. However, if you have a fear of heights then it is going to take you a bit of an effort to reach out, grasp on to the iron bars and give the stone a good kiss.

I warn you though, kissing the Blarney Stone is still not for the faint of heart..

Betty Kissing the Blarney Stone – by Cyril Fox

The castle itself has the sort of fascinating history you would expect from something built in the mid 15th century. The most dramatic spell in its long history probably came during the Irish Confederate Wars and the Williamite Wars in the 17th century, when it was besieged and captured. It has changed hands a number of times since then. Blarney Castle is largely a dignified ruin these days, although you can still visit certain rooms while you are there.

Touring Blarney Castle and grounds – by Sean Williams
One Day At The Blarney Castle Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪 – MITCHELLACO

Visit the Official Blarney Castle Ireland website to really plan your trip.

Blarney House at Blarney Castle Ireland

There is very little mention of Blarney House on the official website for Blarney Castle Ireland, which is surprising.   Blarney House is in the grounds of Blarney Castle and is a spectacular building of Scottish Baronial style as can be seen from our featured image above.  According to discoverireland.ie it is open to the public during the summer months and you can arrange a tour on selected days.

Other Interesting Sights Near Blarney Castle Ireland

Of course, this is Ireland so kissing a giant slab of stone is far from being the only interesting thing worth doing when you visit Blarney Castle Ireland. The large gardens around the castle include a number of sights worth seeing, such as the Witch’s Cave, Wishing Steps and Druid’s Circle. Be sure not to taste any of the plants in the Poison Garden as they, well, they are poisonous.

Blarney Castle in Ireland is fantastically situated for anyone keen to explore this country, as it is close to wonderful Cork and other terrific Irish tourist attractions. For a start, you aren’t too far away from the magnificently weird West Cork Model Railway Village. This shows us what the old railway line and surrounding area looked like in the 1940s, in a scale of 1:24.

Blarney Castle Ireland
Clonakilty Model Railway Village – Irish Examiner

The Charms of Cork

A trip to the city of Cork is also highly recommended if you are in this region. There are some terrific things to do in Cork and just taking a stroll round the historic streets is a great experience.

Blarney Castle Ireland is close to the city of Cork
Courtesy: ic

To fully explore this beautiful part of Ireland it makes sense to hire a car, as there are some amazing sights out in the countryside and along the coast. Like much of Ireland, Cork is now culturally diverse but still retains a strong Irish spirit which captivates vistors.

Cork, Ireland – by Samantha Hipolito
The ULTIMATE Travel Guide: Cork, Ireland – Where To Next – Europe
We Plan our Cork City Trip Using a Local’s Travel Tips! Cork, Ireland – Chris+Melissa

You might also come across quite a few silver-tongued, witty locals who have clearly already brushed their lips across the Blarney Stone. Interacting with the locals is one of the real joys of visiting Ireland, so why not settle down in a pub with a pint of Guinness and be prepared to be entertained like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Blarney Castle, Ireland:

1. Where is Blarney Castle located?

  • Blarney Castle is situated in County Cork, Ireland, approximately 8 kilometers northwest of Cork city center.

2. What is Blarney Castle famous for?

  • Blarney Castle is renowned for its legendary Blarney Stone, which is said to grant the gift of eloquence to those who kiss it.

3. Can visitors kiss the Blarney Stone?

  • Yes, visitors can kiss the Blarney Stone by leaning backward over a parapet at the top of the castle and kissing the stone while holding onto iron railings for support.

4. Are there any age or health restrictions for kissing the Blarney Stone?

  • There are no strict age restrictions, but visitors should be physically able to climb steep stairs and lean backward comfortably to kiss the stone.

5. What are the opening hours of Blarney Castle?

  • The opening hours vary throughout the year. It is advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

6. Is there an admission fee to enter Blarney Castle?

  • Yes, there is an admission fee to enter Blarney Castle and its grounds. Different ticket options are available, including combined tickets for the castle and gardens.

7. What other attractions are there at Blarney Castle?

  • Besides the Blarney Stone, visitors can explore beautiful gardens, including the Poison Garden and the Rock Close, featuring intriguing rock formations and mystical tales.

8. How long does it take to tour Blarney Castle and its grounds?

  • The duration of the visit depends on individual exploration preferences. Generally, visitors spend around 1 to 2 hours exploring the castle and its surroundings.

9. Is there a guided tour available at Blarney Castle?

  • Yes, guided tours are available for visitors who wish to learn more about the history and stories behind Blarney Castle and its various features.

10. Can visitors take photographs inside Blarney Castle?

  • Yes, photography is allowed inside the castle and its grounds, providing ample opportunities to capture the enchanting scenery.

11. Is Blarney Castle accessible for visitors with mobility challenges?

  • While the castle may have limited accessibility for visitors with mobility challenges due to its historic nature and stairs, the surrounding gardens and grounds are more accessible.

12. Are there dining facilities at Blarney Castle?

  • Yes, there are cafes and restaurants near Blarney Castle that offer a selection of meals and refreshments.

13. What are the best times to visit Blarney Castle to avoid crowds?

  • To avoid peak crowds, visiting Blarney Castle early in the day or during weekdays is recommended.

14. Can visitors purchase souvenirs at Blarney Castle?

  • Yes, there are gift shops at Blarney Castle offering a variety of souvenirs, including Irish crafts, clothing, and Blarney-themed items.

15. Is there nearby accommodation available for visitors?

  • Yes, there are various accommodation options available in the town of Blarney and the nearby city of Cork to suit different preferences and budgets.

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