Kilkenny Castle Ireland
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Kilkenny Castle Ireland

Kilkenny Castle Ireland is One of the Most Visited Castles in the Country

Founded in Medieval times, Kilkenny Castle Ireland’s most significant moments have involved more recent times. Kilkenny Castle Ireland is a must see

Founded in Medieval times, Kilkenny Castle’s most significant moments have been during more recent times. In 1650, during Oliver Cromwell’s re-conquest of Ireland, Kilkenny Castle was dragged into it, not to mention, in 1922 Kilkenny Castle was besieged during the Irish Civil War.

Kilkenny Castle PREVIEW – Esras Films

Oliver Cromwell had a huge influence in Kilkenny and particularly at Kilkenny Castle Ireland- Cromwell destroyed one whole side of Kilkenny castle for some reason.

Sections of Kilkenny Castle Ireland have been rebuilt and it attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Kilkenny castle Ireland is by a river and has an artfully restored interior (that you can book a tour if you want), large, impressive gardens, not to mention a gallery and tearoom.

Kilkenny Castle Ireland is a medieval castle right in the Centre of Kilkenny, a 12th century castle which was remodelled in Victorian times.

Set in extensive parklands, it was the principal seat of the Butler family, Marquesses and Dukes of Ormonde.

Building Ireland – The shaping of Kilkenny Castle – by Esras Films

Both the interior of the castle and grounds are pristine. The well manicured gardens are a great place for a picnic.

Kilkenny Castle Ireland
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The indoor part of Kilkenny Castle has been restored and re-furnished. It’s all very interesting with beautiful rooms and lots of history. There is a library, a drawing room, and bedrooms decked out in 1800s splendour, not to mention the beautiful Long Gallery.

A suite of former servant’s rooms has been transformed into the huge Butler Art Gallery, with frequently changing exhibitions of contemporary art.

You are provided with a map if you prefer to tour by yourself so you can walk through at your own pace but there is always staff available to answer any questions. There’s also a great Irish craft centre in the old stables just across the street from the castle.

The facade of Kilkenny Castle is the very essence of any storybook castle imaginable. And Kilkenny Castle Ireland is easy walking distance from any part of town.

A tour of Kilkenny Castle Ireland takes approximately 45 minutes

For seasonal events, check their website for details

Photography/Video unfortunately is not permitted on the tour (but here’s some we prepared earlier..)


Tea Rooms in the Castle’s Victorian Kitchen complete with the original ranges and copper pots and pans.

From February 1st to October 31st, access to Kilkenny Castle Ireland is self-guided

Groups of 10 people or more must be pre-booked by telephone: +353 56 770 4106, by fax: +353 56 770 4116 by

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Or for more information go direct to

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Kilkenny Castle Ireland – By Robert Bell

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Kilkenny Castle Ireland

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