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Best Things to Do In Ireland and not Break the Bank

Exploring Ireland on a Budget: 10 Unforgettable, Affordable Experiences!

1. Wander Through Dublin’s Historic Streets:

Start your budget-friendly Irish escapade in Dublin, a city steeped in history and charm. Stroll through cobbled streets, marvel at iconic landmarks like Trinity College and Dublin Castle, and soak in the lively atmosphere of Temple Bar without spending a penny.

On the face of it, Dublin is a big, dynamic and important city. It is the capital of Ireland, it has a population of over a million and it is world famous.

However, the great thing about this city is that it feels smaller and more intimate than you probably imagine. It is a great size for walking around, the people are friendly and it just feels nothing like a big, bustling city. It is also surprisingly cosmopolitan. The Celtic Tiger phenomenon of a few years ago led to huge levels of immigration from other parts of Europe and beyond, with any Dubliners now being of foreign descent.

Of course, Dublin is also where you will see some of the top Ireland tourist attractions and best things to do in Ireland. You can see the amazing Book of Kells at Trinity College, drink some Guinness at the company’s hugely popular factory, see Dublin Castle and visit the lively Temple bar area. There is enough to do in this fun city to keep you happy for as long as you want to stay here.

2. Travel Round the Country

As in most countries, the capital isn’t really a fair reflection of the country as whole. While Dublin is incredible, one of the finest things to do in Ireland is get out and see other places.

I went to Galway straight after the capital on my first trip and loved it. This is a cool city by the sea on the West Coast. It feels very laid back and small, despite being the 4 biggest city in the country.

The big Ireland tourist attractions start to become more obvious here, as you start to relax and feel as though you are really at home. I remember sitting on the edge of the harbour here and just watching the seagulls go by while I soaked up the feeling of being in Ireland at last. There are many other great places to see here, such as Cork, Limerick and Waterford. It may look small on the world map but there are enough things to do in Ireland to keep you here for a very long time.

Best things to do in Ireland 3 – See Northern Ireland

It is easy to think that Ireland is all about the Republic that takes up most of the island. However, you shouldn’t overlook Northern Ireland, which sits in the top part of the island and is part of the UK. I lived here for a year and found it to be a wonderful place. The capital is Belfast and while it isn’t the world’s most attractive city there is a magical feeling in the air that made me settle down here for a while. The real beauty of Northern Ireland is out in the countryside.

The Giant’s Causeway is a wonderful spot and I can thoroughly recommend hiring a car and driving out over the coastal Antrim Road to get here. If you are here in summer then the long summer days are ideal for slowly exploring the coast and getting about the interesting towns and villages along the way.

Best things to do in Ireland 4 – Speak to People

Among the best things to do in Ireland, we can’t afford to overlook the pleasure of speaking to the people while you are there. If you open up and speak to the locals then you can expect some memorable conversations and a lot of laughs. The Irish are famously witty and chatty, so take every chance you can to speak to them and make some connections.

If you are visiting because of a family connection in the past then you will be delighted to see how easy it is to feel as though you are at home in this friendly island.

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Best things to do in Ireland – By Robert Bell

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