How to Travel with a Suit

How to Travel with a Suit:

Traveling in Style: 7 Best Tips to Arrive Looking Suave

Whether it’s for business or a special occasion, traveling with a suit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right preparation and a few essential tips, you can keep your suit looking sharp and wrinkle-free throughout your journey. Join me as I share valuable advice on how to travel with a suit effortlessly and arrive at your destination in style.

How to Travel with a Suit
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How to Travel with a Suit

1. Choose the Right Luggage:

Invest in a quality garment bag or carry-on suitcase with a dedicated compartment for your suit. Opt for a bag that is spacious enough to accommodate your suit without excessive folding or wrinkling. Look for features like sturdy hangers, compression straps, and wrinkle-resistant materials to keep your suit in optimal condition.

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2. Pack Strategically:

When packing your suit, use a suit bag or garment cover to protect it from dust and potential stains. Start by placing the suit jacket in the bag, ensuring the shoulders lie flat. Fold the pants neatly and place them on top of the jacket. Avoid overpacking the bag to minimize creasing.

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3. Utilize Suit Accessories:

To further protect your suit and minimize wrinkles, consider using suit accessories. Place tissue paper or lightweight fabric between the folds to maintain the shape and prevent creases. You can also use suit-specific packing cubes or roll your suit using the “inside-out” method, which helps reduce wrinkles.

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4. Wear Your Suit En Route:

If possible, wear your suit while traveling to avoid excessive folding and creasing. It not only keeps your suit in its best shape but also allows you to arrive at your destination looking polished. Layering with a jacket or sweater can help protect the suit from wrinkles during the journey.

Also, you get treated differently: Seriously, I’ve experienced it time and again. Wearing a suit has often helped me with check-in with airport staff often directing me to to the quieter or empty business or first class checkin line. Dressing the part really does make a difference in so many ways.

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5. Steaming and Pressing:

Upon reaching your destination, hang the suit in the bathroom and run a hot shower to create steam. The steam will help relax any creases and wrinkles. Alternatively, carry a portable garment steamer or request pressing services at your hotel to ensure your suit looks pristine.

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6. Unpack and Hang Immediately:

Once you arrive at your destination, unpack your suit and hang it up immediately. Avoid leaving it folded in the suitcase for extended periods. Let it breathe and hang it in a well-ventilated area to allow any remaining wrinkles to naturally fall out.

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7. Dry Cleaning as a Last Resort:

Dry cleaning should be a last resort, as frequent cleaning can be harsh on the fabric. If necessary, opt for eco-friendly or gentle dry cleaning services to maintain the quality of your suit.

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How to Travel with a Suit – Conclusion:

Traveling with a suit doesn’t have to be a hassle. By selecting the right luggage, packing strategically, utilizing suit accessories, wearing your suit en route, and giving it a quick steaming or pressing upon arrival, you can ensure your suit looks impeccable for any occasion. Travel in style and confidence, knowing your formal attire is ready to make a lasting impression wherever your journey takes you.

How to Travel With a Suit

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How to Travel with a Suit – By David John

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How to Travel with a Suit

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How to Travel with a Suit

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