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Dunluce Castle Ireland History:

Unveiling the Fascinating History of Dunluce Castle in Ireland

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
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Dunluce Castle Ireland history comes alive amidst breathtaking coastal vistas. Nestled on the rugged cliffs of Northern Ireland’s Antrim Coast, Dunluce Castle stands as a majestic testament to centuries of intriguing history. Join us on a journey back in time as we unravel the fascinating tales and historical significance of this iconic Irish landmark

Charming Dunluce Castle Ireland History draws you in:

Dunluce Castle one of Ireland’s most unique castle’s set perfectly on the Causeway Coast – Kieron Mc Kinney

The beautiful ruin of Dunluce Castle is in Northern Ireland. If you are ever in this part of the world, you really should make the effort to see this stunning medieval castle, that many claim to be haunted.

I passed this legendary place many years ago, while travelling the Antrim Coast Road from Belfast with family, to visit the Giant’s Causeway. At the time, I knew nothing about Dunluce Castle and just saw this incredible ruin appear in front of me in the most dramatic setting possible, with impossibly steep drops leading down to the water. Get ready for some of the best selfies of your life!

Soarscape – Dunluce Castle – Soarscape

A Little Bit of History on Dunluce Castle Ireland:

Dunluce Castle was first built in the 13th century on this beautiful stretch of the Causeway Coast and since then it has had a long and frankly incredible history. Battles, a shipwrecked Spanish Armada ship, and a town around it wiped from the map are just some of the highlights of the Dunluce story to date.

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
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There is also the famous legend of the kitchens falling into the sea one stormy night during a party at the castle, which could well have been true as the castle is perched quite precariously on top of a cliff. Legend also has it there was only one survivor, a young kitchen boy who perched on a windowsill and had to be rescued from there.

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
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Around 2008, archaeologists found significant remains of the adjacent town of Dunluce,  built around 1608, but in the Irish uprising of 1641 was razed to the ground and never rebuilt. Archaeological digs have uncovered an even older settlement dating back to at least the 15 century.

Considering the settlement has lain undisturbed for such a long time, it’s an important archaeological discovery.  There is a 5 year excavation plan underway to uncover as much of the settlement as possible and preserve the findings.  The fact that Dunluce Castle and town didn’t have a nearby harbour, was also a big factor in both their demise.

Medieval Fair Dunluce Castle Ireland:

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
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Once upon a time, there was an annual fair held at the castle, but legend has it that it was eventually closed down permanently because of all the bawdiness and debauchery it resulted in. Those saucy Irish..

For the last few years, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) has held a traditional style medieval fair at Dunluce Castle.  It’s part of their program and a great way to discover more about life back in medieval times in Ireland although as far as I’m aware without the previous sauciness, perhaps you bring your own? 🙂

Dunluce Castle, Bushmills Events: Just follow the links to learn more about it: Dunluce Fair

Once upon a time there was an annual fair held at the castle, but legend has it that it was eventually closed down permanently because of all the bawdiness and debauchery it resulted in.  Those saucy Irish 🙂

Spanish Armada Shipwreck at Dunluce Castle Ireland:

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
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Dunluce Castle has links to the Spanish Armada ship, the Girona.   It foundered near the Giant’s Causeway in the winter of 1588. Sorley Boy MacDonnell(who occupied the castle at this time)mounted the cannons from the Girona after retrieving them from the shipwreck.

More Dunluce Castle Ireland History with the Spanish Armada here

The Abandonment of Dunluce Castle Ireland:

Dunluce Castle Ireland History
CGI ‘before’ Courtesy: cnn

Dunluce Castle was owned and occupied by the MacDonnells back in the late 1600s but they became impoverished shortly after the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, when they had taken the side of James II against King William (Billy). They abandoned Dunluce Castle at this time which led to the ruins we find today.

Gallows at Dunluce Castle Ireland:

Dunluce Castle had it’s very own gallows (used for torture and execution)

Gallows Hill Dunluce Castle Hang Man’s Hill History on your doorstep – ian s

Mermaids Cave at Dunluce Castle Ireland:

There is a huge, spectacular cavern just below the castle, known as Mermaid’s Cave.

DJI Phantom 3- Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland- Antrim Coast- Mermaids Cave- 2016 – A C
Royal Marine goes Cave exploring at Dunluce Castle Cave Northern Ireland – The Aqua Adventurer
Mermaid’s Cave Dunluce Castle – A Little Bit Of Ireland

A little bit more Dunluce Castle Ireland History:

The War for Dunluce Castle | Sorley Boy MacDonell vs Shane O’Neill and the English – Deep in the Crypt
Brief Dunluce Castle Ireland History by Dr. Colin Breen, University of Ulster – National Museums NI
The Spanish Armada galleass La Girona and its discovery by divers off the Giant’s Causeway – Dive NI
La Girona Spanish Armada Shipwreck – English – Causeway Coastal Route
The destruction of the Girona during the Spanish Armada – History Workshops
Dunluce Castle , Royal Marine visits Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland for a fully guided tour – The Aqua Adventurer

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Dunluce Castle Ireland History: by Robert Bell

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*Disclaimer: While planning your visit to Dunluce Castle, please check for the latest travel advisories and adhere to any local regulations or restrictions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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