Our Top 5 Best Places To Visit In UAE:

The United Arab Emirates will leave you breathless:

Home to historic sites, magnificently designed buildings, lovely mountains, UAE is a destination not to be missed for lovers of fun and excitement. It is also a favorite getaway spot for families and couples. With incredible attractions such as Sheikh Zayeed Mosque and Burj Kahalifa, UAE is regarded as an up-to-the-minute luxury destination for all. There’s more to this beautiful destination than sandy shores and skyscrapers.

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Here is a list of places to visit when planning your next trip to the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Travel Diary – by Em Timbol

Places To Visit In UAE 1 – Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Considered one of the most popular buildings in Dubai and UAE, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.

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Towering high into the sky, the building is also proclaimed the world’s tallest freestanding structure.

The observation deck on the top floor of the building offers visitors a panoramic view of the city and its environment. Burj Khalifa can be seen from anywhere, regardless of your location in Dubai.

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The Visit – by Beno Saradzic
BURJ KHALIFA, world’s tallest tower | Tour & view from the top (Dubai) – the Luxury Travel Expert

Places To Visit In UAE 2 – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi

Places To Visit In UAE
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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an incredible sight.

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The mosque is one of the most beautiful religious sites in the world.

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Beautifully designed with gold, marble, blindingly white stone, mosaic work and glass work, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque will definitely dazzle you.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – by Ashley Yee
🕌 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – The Most Beautiful in the World! – Abu Dhabi Travel Guide – Ultimate Bucket List

Places To Visit In UAE 3 – Jebel Hafeet

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Take a day trip from Abu Dhabi to the summit of Jebel Hafeet to explore and catch stunning views of the desert.

It is a favorite among tourists from different parts of the world who want to experience something new and different.


The views from Jebel Hafett promises to be remarkable as it offers an opportunity of seeing the area’s vast sweep of desert.

Road trip: Jebel Hafeet – by joam tiueco

Places To Visit In UAE 4 – Dubai Fountains

You can’t visit Dubai without going to the Dubai Fountains.  Like many things in Dubai, the Fountains are completely over the top.   The water dances, as it’s choreographed to music.

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Every night, from 6pm-11pm, every 30 minutes you are treated to these unusual and incredible water dances to the tune of different types of music and songs which transport you to far away countries and places.

It’s a mesmerizing sound and light show that’s not to be missed if you happen to be in Dubai.


Places To Visit In UAE 5 – Sharjah Arts Museum – City of Sharjah

Sharjah Arts Museum is a place to find a wide range of art collections in the country. There are lots of outstanding artworks on display here by Arabic artists as well as European artists who are specialists in painting the Arab world.

Plan your trip to Sharjah Arts Museum and learn more about the Arab world.

Places To Visit In UAE
Image courtesy of Viator

The Sharjah Art Museum Tour | Modern and Contemporary Art Collection – Miles With Sadam
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Our Top 5 Places To Visit In UAE – by David John

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