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Good Friday Philippines Style is 1 Seriously Gory Affair..

For a Memorable Bloody Experience Attend Good Friday in the Philippines

Where volunteers are whipped and beaten to bleeding before being ‘nailed’ to the cross, imitating the crucifixion of Christ.

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They take their religion very seriously in the Philippines.

A Bloody Good Friday..

Good Friday Philippines Style:

Tourists from different parts of the world choose to spend Good Friday Philippines style mostly in San Fernando, Pampanga, to witness a unique and bloody event each year, although it does happen in almost all areas of the country, San Fernando is one of the best places to witness this spectacle.

Good Friday Philippines Style is a tradition where volunteers agree to have themselves nailed to a cross to imitate the crucifixion of Christ.  Yes, you read that right, Good Friday Philippines Style means they really DO have nails driven through their hands and feet in the majority of cases.

The Philippines is a Catholic country and it is the most devout who do this to show how much they appreciate what Christ, their Saviour did for them.

By doing this, they show that they are ready to repent for their sins and know what it is like to be in the position of Christ when he saved people from their sins.

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Good Friday Philippines Style – The Ritual:

This yearly ritual is done in Pampanga, Philippines which is about 2 hours from Manila. The volunteer devotees also experience being beaten and whipped just like Christ was whipped and beaten, but they stop before the person goes through really serious injuries.

There are devotees who have been doing this every year, and there are the new ones who still experience a bit of a shock during their first Good Friday Philippines Style. There could be 5 volunteers at a time joining the ritual and some of them have fake beards to try to resemble the face of Christ.

After they are whipped and beaten, they are tied to the cross before being nailed. The participants say that when they are already on the cross and hanging there, they experience a certain enlightenment which makes them forget all the pain they are going through.

Locals getting down and dirty..

Good Friday Philippines Style – Why it is considered an attraction?

Every year at least 60,000 people attend this Good Friday Philippines event to remind themselves of their faith and devotion to Christ, but many just go out of curiosity. Witnessing Good Friday Philippines Style is not for everyone because it can be bloody and seeing the faces of the volunteers, going through a lot of pain is not something that will appeal to everyone.

If you are thinking of taking part in Good Friday Philippines Style as a tourist, you will not be allowed as unfortunately people from other countries are no longer allowed to volunteer because it is prohibited by the Catholic Church and Department of Health.

Foreigners 1st Holy Week In The Philippines UNBELIEVABLE!

So if you think that you will be able to handle this unforgettable event, you can head to San Fernando, Pampanga where it is done every year. Make sure to bring a lot of courage and research exactly what to expect to avoid being overwhelmed and simply see the event as something symbolic and an experience that you will never forget.

The devotees have been doing Good Friday Philippines Style for years, so make sure not to make any nasty comments while you are watching because they are very serious about how they feel while the ritual is taking place and all you can do is respect their beliefs even if it is different from your own.

FAQ – Good Friday Philippines Style

Frequently Asked Questions About Good Friday in the Philippines

1. What is Good Friday in the Philippines?
Good Friday is a significant religious observance in the Philippines, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is a part of Holy Week, a period of intense religious reflection and activities.

2. How is Good Friday observed in the Philippines?
Good Friday is marked by solemn and elaborate religious processions, reenactments of the Passion of Christ, and various acts of devotion. Many Filipinos participate in penitential practices such as flagellation, self-flagellation, and walking barefoot as acts of penance.

3. What are the most famous Good Friday processions in the Philippines?
The Philippines is known for its grand Good Friday processions. The most famous one is the “Santo Entierro” procession in the town of Pampanga, which features life-sized statues depicting scenes from the Passion. The “Senakulo” is another popular reenactment held in various cities and towns.

4. Are businesses and government offices closed on Good Friday?
Good Friday is a public holiday in the Philippines. Most businesses, government offices, and schools are closed to observe this religious day.

5. Is there a ban on alcohol and loud activities on Good Friday?
Yes, in observance of the solemnity of the day, there is a ban on the sale of alcohol and loud entertainment. This is meant to encourage reflection and respect for the religious significance of Good Friday.

6. Can tourists participate in the Good Friday observances?
Tourists are generally welcome to observe the Good Friday processions and other religious activities. However, it’s essential to be respectful, dress modestly, and follow local customs and guidelines.

7. Are there any specific customs or traditions associated with Good Friday in the Philippines?
Aside from the processions, some communities hold “Pabasa,” a marathon chanting of the Passion narrative. Additionally, churches may hold the “Seven Last Words” service, reflecting on the final sayings of Jesus on the cross.

8. How do Filipinos typically spend Good Friday?
Many Filipinos spend Good Friday attending church services, participating in processions, and engaging in acts of penance and reflection. It’s a solemn day, and you’ll find a significant number of people participating in religious activities.

9. Are there any particular foods associated with Good Friday in the Philippines?
Some families choose to abstain from eating meat on Good Friday as an act of penance. Fish and vegetable dishes are commonly prepared on this day.

10. How do I respect local customs while observing Good Friday in the Philippines?
To respect local customs, dress modestly, be mindful of your behavior in religious spaces, and avoid loud or disruptive activities. Observing and participating in the solemn atmosphere of the day is the best way to show respect.

Remember that Good Friday is a deeply religious observance in the Philippines, and while tourists are welcome to participate, it’s important to approach the day with reverence and sensitivity to its significance for the local community.

PHILIPPINES – Foreigners Explore Holy Week Procession At Molo Church, Iloilo

Good Friday Philippines Style – Final Thoughts:

Good Friday in the Philippines: A Solemn and Sacred Commemoration

Good Friday in the Philippines is a poignant and deeply religious observance that holds a significant place in the hearts of Filipinos. Falling during Holy Week, this day marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, and it is a time of intense reflection, devotion, and penance. The Philippines uniquely infuses its culture and spirituality into the observance, creating a solemn yet vibrant atmosphere across the nation.

Traditions and Observances:
Good Friday is characterized by elaborate processions, reenactments of the Passion of Christ, and acts of penance. The most renowned is the “Santo Entierro” procession in Pampanga, where life-sized statues depicting scenes from the crucifixion are paraded through the streets. Devotees often engage in penitential practices, such as self-flagellation or walking barefoot, as expressions of their faith and humility.

Solemn Atmosphere:
On this day, a palpable air of solemnity envelops the Philippines. Many businesses and government offices close, and a ban on the sale of alcohol and loud entertainment is observed to encourage contemplation and respect for the religious significance of the day. Families and communities gather to attend church services, participate in processions, and engage in prayers and reflections.

Respectful Participation:
Tourists are welcome to observe and participate in the Good Friday observances. However, it’s essential to approach the day with reverence and sensitivity. Dressing modestly, adhering to local customs, and engaging in the religious activities with respect are ways to honor the significance of the day.

Cultural and Spiritual Fusion:
Good Friday in the Philippines exemplifies the fusion of culture and spirituality. The country’s deeply ingrained Catholic traditions blend with local customs, creating a unique and deeply moving experience. It showcases the Filipinos’ profound faith, unity, and the shared journey of commemorating Christ’s sacrifice.

In essence, Good Friday in the Philippines is a day of spiritual significance that transcends its religious boundaries, touching the souls of both locals and visitors alike. It offers a powerful opportunity to witness the intersection of faith and culture, inviting all to engage in a profound and moving expression of devotion.

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