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Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar:

Myanmar: A Journey Through Time and Culture

Places to Visit in Myanmar - Shwedagon
Shwedagon Yangon Myanmar – Courtesy: rc

Myanmar, (formerly known as Burma) a land of timeless beauty and enchanting mysteries, left me awe-inspired during my recent adventure. The land of golden temples and serene landscapes unfolded before me like pages of a forgotten storybook. As I reminisce about my journey, I can’t help but share my top five places to visit in Myanmar.


Some History: Why the name change from Burma to Myanmar?

The change of the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar occurred in 1989 when the military junta, which had ruled the country since 1962, officially changed the name. The reasons for this change are multifaceted and somewhat controversial.

  1. Historical Roots: The name “Myanmar” has historical roots dating back to ancient times. It is believed to be a more inclusive name, encompassing the various ethnic groups within the country. “Burma,” on the other hand, was thought to be associated primarily with the dominant Burman ethnic group.
  2. National Identity: The military government sought to promote a sense of national identity that transcended ethnic differences. By adopting the name “Myanmar,” they aimed to create a unified national identity.
  3. Political Change: The renaming coincided with political changes in Myanmar. In 1988, the country experienced a pro-democracy uprising, and the military took control in response. The name change was part of the junta’s broader efforts to reassert control and reshape the country’s image.
  4. International Recognition: The military government argued that “Myanmar” was the more accurate and formal name of the country and sought international recognition for it. They contended that “Burma” was a colonial-era name that had been imposed on the nation.

However, the name change has not been without controversy and opposition. Many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, continued to use the name “Burma” as a form of protest against the military regime and its actions. Critics argue that the name change was an attempt to legitimize the military government’s rule and erase the historical and cultural significance of “Burma.”

In recent years, with Myanmar’s transition to a more open and democratic society, the use of both names has become more common, and the country is often referred to as “Myanmar (Burma)” to acknowledge both its official name and its historical name.

Map of Myanmar and Bordering Countries:

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: wa

Map Showing Myanmar Location in Asia:

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: om

Countries Myanmar Borders:

Myanmar shares borders with Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh, and has a coastline on the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Myanmar is situated in Southeast Asia. Myanmar 2023 population is estimated at 54,577,997 people at mid year

  1. Thailand
  2. Laos
  3. China
  4. India
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Andaman Sea
  7. Bay of Bengal
  8. Southeast Asia 

MYANMAR HAS CHANGED 🇲🇲(so happy to be back!!!) – 2020

Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar:

1. Yangon: The Golden Start

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: sc

Yangon was my first stop, and it didn’t disappoint. The Shwedagon Pagoda, a dazzling golden masterpiece, shimmered under the setting sun. What made this visit truly special was the chance to join local worshippers during their evening prayers, a humbling and enchanting experience.

Little Gem: For breakfast, I stumbled upon a tiny teahouse named “Mingalaba Tea House,” hidden in the backstreets. Their traditional Burmese breakfast and sweet tea set the perfect tone for my day.

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2. Bagan: Temples of Time

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: ta

Bagan was a true marvel, with its endless sea of ancient temples. Sunrise in Bagan was nothing short of magical, as hot air balloons filled the sky, turning it into a canvas of colors. I rented an e-bike and explored the temples at my own pace, often feeling like an explorer from centuries past.

Little Gem: For coffee lovers, “Black Bamboo” café, nestled amidst the temples, serves delicious Burmese coffee and offers an unparalleled view of the sunrise over the ancient stupas.

LAND OF 10,000 TEMPLES (Bagan, Myanmar) 2020

3. Inle Lake: Floating Dreams

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: lp

Inle Lake was a serene escape from the bustling cities. Watching the Intha fishermen gracefully rowing with their legs was a sight to behold. I stayed in a stilted bungalow on the lake, where the sound of water lapping beneath me lulled me to sleep each night.

Little Gem: “Green Valley Restaurant,” a charming eatery by the lake, served mouthwatering Shan cuisine. Their traditional breakfast, featuring tofu noodles and freshly made soy milk, was a delightful surprise.

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4. Mandalay: Royal Reverie

Places to Visit in Myanmar
Courtesy: iv

Mandalay holds a special place in my heart. I visited the Mandalay Palace, which felt like stepping into a royal storybook. Climbing Mandalay Hill during sunset was a serene experience, and the panoramic view of the city was a memory I’ll cherish forever.

Little Gem: The “Café City Mandalay” offered the perfect blend of Burmese and Western breakfast options. Their crispy shan-style pancakes and aromatic coffee were the ideal way to start the day.

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5. Hpa-An: Hidden Treasures

Courtesy: ct

Hpa-An was an unexpected gem. The limestone caves, like the Sadan Cave, filled with golden Buddhas, felt like a hidden treasure trove. I also explored the picturesque countryside, where local children welcomed me with wide smiles.

Little Gem: I stumbled upon a cozy riverside café named “Kaw Ka Taung Riverside Café.” Their fresh fruit smoothies and locally inspired dishes were a treat for the taste buds, all while enjoying the stunning river view.

Hpa-an My Hometown, a Hidden Land (Myanmar) 2020

Did we mention the food? EAT!

Courtesy: rc

Myanmar’s cuisine is a tantalizing journey for the taste buds, where flavors are as diverse as the landscapes themselves. From the bustling street food stalls of Yangon to the serene countryside villages, Myanmar offers a unique gastronomic adventure.

One can savor the rich and complex flavors of Mohinga, the national dish, a hearty fish noodle soup flavored with lemongrass and ginger, or indulge in delectable curries that range from mild to fiery.

Don’t miss the chance to try the famed Burmese tea leaf salad, a harmonious blend of pickled tea leaves, crunchy beans, nuts, and a burst of citrus. The aroma of street-side BBQ skewers and the allure of freshly steamed buns are irresistible, while local markets offer an array of exotic fruits and spices to explore.

Myanmar’s food culture is a fusion of influences from neighboring countries, making each dish a delightful surprise for adventurous palates. Whether you’re dining at a humble street-side eatery or an upscale restaurant, Myanmar’s food is a flavorful reflection of its diverse culture and history.

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Essential Things to Know Before Traveling to Myanmar:

Traveling to Myanmar can be an incredible and culturally enriching experience, but it’s important to be prepared and informed before your trip. Here are some essential things to know before traveling to Myanmar:

  1. Visa Requirements: Most travelers need a visa to enter Myanmar. Make sure to apply for your visa well in advance through the official channels or at the nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate.
  2. Currency: The official currency in Myanmar is the Burmese Kyat (MMK). Credit cards are becoming more widely accepted in major cities, but it’s advisable to carry cash, especially when traveling to remote areas.
  3. ATMs: ATMs are available in major cities, but they might not always work or accept international cards. Carry enough cash and consider using a reliable money belt or pouch for security.
  4. Local Customs: Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, and it’s essential to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting temples and religious sites. Removing your shoes before entering someone’s home or a temple is customary.
  5. Language: The official language in Myanmar is Burmese. While English is spoken to some extent in tourist areas, learning a few basic Burmese phrases can enhance your travel experience and interactions with locals.
  6. Health Precautions: Check with your doctor about recommended vaccinations before traveling to Myanmar. It’s also advisable to bring necessary medications and a first-aid kit, as medical facilities in rural areas may be limited.
  7. Safety: Myanmar is generally a safe destination for travelers. However, it’s essential to stay updated on current political situations and follow any travel advisories issued by your government. Exercise caution, particularly in border areas and regions with ongoing conflicts.
  8. Local Currency Exchange: Official money changers offer better exchange rates than hotels or airports. Be cautious when exchanging money on the black market, as counterfeit currency is a concern.
  9. Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings.
  10. Local Transportation: Myanmar’s infrastructure is improving, but road conditions can vary, especially in remote areas. Domestic flights are often the fastest and most convenient way to travel between major cities.
  11. Power Adapters: Myanmar typically uses Type C, Type D, and Type F electrical outlets. Bring the appropriate adapters and voltage converters if necessary.
  12. Internet and Communication: While access to the internet is becoming more widespread, it can still be slow and unreliable in some areas. Purchase a local SIM card for data and communication, but be aware of censorship of certain websites and apps.
  13. Respect Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with Myanmar’s laws and regulations. For instance, it’s illegal to take pictures of military facilities, and drug offenses are subject to severe penalties.
  14. Local Cuisine: Myanmar offers a diverse and delicious array of dishes, but be cautious about street food hygiene. Drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks to prevent stomach issues.
  15. Environmental Awareness: Respect Myanmar’s natural beauty and fragile ecosystems. Do not litter, and consider bringing reusable water bottles and bags to minimize plastic waste.

By keeping these essential tips in mind, you can have a safe and memorable trip to Myanmar while immersing yourself in its rich culture and stunning landscapes.

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How to Get to Myanmar:

Getting to Myanmar involves a combination of international flights and, in some cases, overland travel if you’re coming from a neighboring country. Here are the main steps to help you plan your journey to Myanmar:

1. Obtain a Visa:

  • Check the visa requirements for your nationality. Most travelers need a visa to enter Myanmar.
  • Apply for a tourist visa through the official channels, such as the Myanmar eVisa website or the nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate.

2. Choose Your Entry Point:

  • Myanmar has several international airports where you can arrive: Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, and Naypyidaw International Airport. Yangon is the most common entry point for international travelers.

3. Book Flights:

  • Search for international flights to Yangon, Mandalay, or Naypyidaw from major cities in Asia or connecting flights from your home country.
  • Major international airlines and regional carriers offer services to Myanmar. Popular hubs for connecting flights include Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.

4. Check Visa Requirements for Transit:

  • If you have a layover in another country before reaching Myanmar, check whether you need a transit visa for that country.

5. Ensure Passport and Visa Validity:

  • Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Myanmar.
  • Have your visa approval letter or eVisa ready for presentation upon arrival in Myanmar.

6. Arriving in Myanmar:

  • Upon arrival in Myanmar, go through immigration and customs.
  • Fill out any required arrival forms and provide the necessary documents, including your visa.

7. Transportation within Myanmar:

  • For domestic travel within Myanmar, you can book domestic flights, use long-distance buses, or take the train, depending on your destination.
  • Myanmar has a growing network of domestic flights that connect major cities and tourist destinations.

8. Overland Travel:

  • If you plan to enter Myanmar overland, such as from Thailand, India, China, or Laos, research the border crossings and visa requirements for that specific entry point.
  • Be aware that not all border crossings are open to tourists, and entry conditions can change.

9. Accommodations and Tours:

  • Secure accommodations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • If you plan to take tours or hire guides, make reservations or arrangements in advance, or contact local travel agencies upon arrival.

10. Local Transportation:

  • Use taxis, buses, trishaws, or tuk-tuks to get around within cities and towns.
  • Consider renting a motorbike or bicycle for more flexibility in exploring.

Always check for any travel advisories or updates from your government regarding Myanmar before your trip. Additionally, ensure you have all the necessary documents, such as your passport, visa, and any required permits, to make your entry into Myanmar smooth and hassle-free.

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How to Get Around Myanmar:

Getting around Myanmar involves a mix of transportation options, depending on your destination and preferences. Here are the most common ways to get around within the country:

1. Domestic Flights:

  • Domestic flights are the fastest and most convenient way to travel between major cities and tourist destinations in Myanmar.
  • Airlines such as Myanmar National Airlines, Air KBZ, and Golden Myanmar Airlines operate domestic routes.
  • Book domestic flights in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

2. Buses:

  • Long-distance buses are a popular choice for budget travelers. They connect major cities and towns across Myanmar.
  • Bus quality and comfort can vary, so consider booking with reputable bus companies for a more comfortable journey.
  • Overnight buses are common and save on accommodation costs.

3. Trains:

  • Myanmar’s railway network offers a unique travel experience, with scenic routes through picturesque landscapes.
  • Trains can be slower and less comfortable than buses or flights, but they provide a memorable cultural experience.
  • Consider booking upper-class tickets for better comfort.

4. Taxis and Ride-Sharing:

  • Taxis are widely available in major cities like Yangon and Mandalay. They are relatively affordable for short distances.
  • Ride-sharing services like Grab are available in some cities, offering a convenient and often cheaper alternative to traditional taxis.

5. Tuk-Tuks and Trishaws:

  • Tuk-tuks and trishaws are common forms of transportation for short trips within cities.
  • Negotiate fares in advance, as there may not be meters, and clarify the destination with the driver.

6. Motorbikes and Scooters:

  • Renting a motorbike or scooter is an option in some areas, primarily for exploring smaller towns and rural regions.
  • Ensure you have the necessary permits and wear helmets for safety.

7. Boats and Ferries:

  • In places like Inle Lake and along river routes, boats and ferries are used for transportation.
  • Consider taking a boat tour for a unique way to explore water-based destinations.

8. Horse-Drawn Carriages:

  • In some historic towns, such as Bagan, horse-drawn carriages offer a charming and leisurely mode of transportation.

9. Walking and Bicycles:

  • Many cities and towns in Myanmar are pedestrian-friendly, and walking is a great way to explore.
  • Renting bicycles is also an eco-friendly and enjoyable way to explore destinations at your own pace.

10. Local Guides and Tours:
– For more in-depth exploration, consider hiring local guides or joining guided tours, especially for cultural and trekking experiences.

11. Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel:
– In remote and less touristy areas, transportation options may be limited, and you may need to rely on shared taxis, motorcycles, or even hiking.

Remember that infrastructure and transportation conditions can vary significantly across different regions of Myanmar. It’s a good idea to plan your transportation arrangements in advance, especially for long-distance travel and during peak tourist seasons. Additionally, always carry some local currency (Burmese Kyat) for transportation expenses, as not all modes of transport accept credit cards.


FAQ – Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar and Traveling to Myanmar in General

Traveling to Myanmar: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Traveling to Myanmar

  1. Do I need a visa to travel to Myanmar?
  • Most travelers need a visa to enter Myanmar. You can apply for a tourist visa through the official Myanmar eVisa website or at the nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate.
  1. What is the best time to visit Myanmar?
  • The best time to visit Myanmar is during the cool, dry season from November to February. This period offers pleasant weather for exploring the country. However, it’s also the peak tourist season.
  1. Is Myanmar safe for tourists?
  • Myanmar is generally safe for tourists. However, it’s essential to stay informed about the local situation, particularly in border areas and regions with ongoing conflicts. Check with your government for any travel advisories before your trip.
  1. What should I wear when visiting temples in Myanmar?
  • When visiting temples and religious sites, dress modestly. Wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. It’s customary to remove your shoes before entering temples.
  1. What is the currency in Myanmar, and can I use credit cards?
  • The official currency is the Burmese Kyat (MMK). While credit cards are increasingly accepted in major cities, it’s advisable to carry cash, especially when traveling to remote areas.
  1. Are ATMs readily available in Myanmar?
  • ATMs are available in major cities, but they may not always work or accept international cards. It’s a good idea to carry enough cash and exchange money at official money changers.
  1. What vaccinations do I need before traveling to Myanmar?
  • Check with your doctor about recommended vaccinations for Myanmar. Common vaccines include those for hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and tetanus. Malaria prophylaxis might also be necessary, depending on your travel plans.
  1. Can I drink tap water in Myanmar?
  • It’s advisable to drink bottled water to avoid potential health issues. You can easily find bottled water throughout the country.
  1. Do I need travel insurance for Myanmar?
  • Yes, it’s highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings.
  1. Is there internet and mobile coverage in Myanmar?
    • Internet access is improving, but it can be slow and unreliable in some areas. Consider purchasing a local SIM card for data and communication. Note that certain websites and apps may be subject to censorship.
  2. What languages are spoken in Myanmar?
    • The official language is Burmese. While English is spoken to some extent in tourist areas, learning a few basic Burmese phrases can enhance your travel experience.
  3. How can I get around within Myanmar?
    • Domestic flights, buses, trains, taxis, tuk-tuks, and even horse-drawn carriages are common modes of transportation within Myanmar. The choice depends on your destination and preferences.
  4. Can I use my electrical appliances in Myanmar?
    • Myanmar typically uses Type C, Type D, and Type F electrical outlets. Bring the appropriate adapters and voltage converters if necessary.
  5. Are there any cultural etiquette tips I should be aware of when traveling in Myanmar?
    • Respect local customs and traditions. Remove your shoes when entering someone’s home or a temple. Engage with locals politely, and ask for permission before taking photos of people.
  6. What are some must-try dishes in Myanmar?
    • Don’t miss Mohinga (a fish noodle soup), Burmese tea leaf salad, and various curries. Explore street food stalls for authentic local flavors.

Remember that conditions and regulations can change, so it’s essential to research and stay updated on the latest travel information and requirements before visiting Myanmar.

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Best Places to Visit in Myanmar: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Places to Visit in Myanmar

  1. What are some must-visit places in Myanmar?
  • Myanmar offers a range of incredible destinations. Some must-visit places include Bagan with its ancient temples, Inle Lake for its unique stilt villages, Yangon with the Shwedagon Pagoda, and Mandalay, the last royal capital.
  1. How do I get to Myanmar’s popular tourist destinations?
  • Most major destinations are accessible via domestic flights from Yangon or Mandalay. Alternatively, you can take buses or trains, though travel times may be longer.
  1. What is the best time to visit Myanmar’s top attractions?
  • The cool, dry season from November to February is generally the best time to explore Myanmar’s top attractions, as the weather is pleasant and dry. However, this is also the peak tourist season.
  1. Are there any off-the-beaten-path destinations worth exploring in Myanmar?
  • Yes, Myanmar has hidden gems like Hpa-An with its limestone caves and Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda, or Mrauk U, an ancient city in Rakhine State. These places offer unique cultural and natural experiences.
  1. How do I explore Bagan’s temples?
  • You can explore Bagan’s temples by bicycle, e-bike, or on foot. Hot air balloon rides during sunrise offer a stunning aerial view of the temples.
  1. What are the attractions at Inle Lake?
  • Inle Lake is known for its stilt villages, floating gardens, and the unique leg-rowing technique of the Intha people. Don’t miss visiting local markets and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda.
  1. Is it possible to trek in Myanmar?
  • Yes, there are trekking opportunities in areas like Kalaw, Hsipaw, and Kengtung. You can explore tribal villages, lush landscapes, and experience the local culture.
  1. How do I get to Ngapali Beach?
  • Ngapali Beach is accessible by domestic flights from major cities like Yangon and Heho. It’s a beautiful, tranquil beach destination on the Bay of Bengal.
  1. Are there any ancient cities or archaeological sites in Myanmar?
  • Yes, besides Bagan, you can explore Mrauk U, a lesser-known ancient city with remarkable temples and ruins.
  1. What are some unique cultural experiences in Myanmar?
    • Engage in local life by attending a traditional puppet show, participating in a cooking class, or visiting local monasteries to witness the daily rituals of monks.
  2. What should I know about visiting Myanmar’s ethnic minority regions?
    • Some ethnic minority regions may require special permits, and access can be restricted due to ongoing conflicts. Check the latest travel advisories and requirements before planning such visits.
  3. How do I explore Myanmar’s stunning landscapes?
    • Explore Myanmar’s diverse landscapes by taking boat trips on its rivers and lakes, trekking in its lush hills, and taking scenic train journeys through the countryside.
  4. What precautions should I take when visiting religious sites?
    • Dress modestly by covering your shoulders and knees when visiting temples and religious sites. Remove your shoes before entering temple premises.
  5. Is it safe to travel in Myanmar?
    • Myanmar is generally safe for tourists, but it’s essential to stay informed about the local situation, particularly in border areas and regions with ongoing conflicts. Check with your government for any travel advisories.
  6. Can I travel independently in Myanmar, or should I book guided tours?
    • You can travel independently in Myanmar, but guided tours can enhance your experience, especially when visiting remote or culturally significant areas.

Remember that conditions can change, so it’s crucial to research and stay updated on the latest travel information and requirements when planning your visit to Myanmar’s diverse and enchanting destinations.

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Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar – Final Thoughts:

Myanmar has a way of touching your soul, with its enchanting landscapes and warm-hearted people. While these 5 best places left an indelible mark on my journey, it was the hidden gems, charming breakfast spots, and unforgettable sundowner locations that added layers of magic to my adventure.

Myanmar is a country that reveals its secrets slowly, inviting you to explore its beauty, one unique experience at a time.

Places to Visit in Myanmar
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