Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau

Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau:

A Journey through the Charms of Guinea-Bissau:

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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If you’re looking for a travel destination that’s as off-the-beaten-path as it gets, let me take you on a journey to Guinea-Bissau. Guinea Bissau can be a challenging travel destination, however, this hidden gem on the West African coast is a paradise waiting to be discovered. From palm-fringed beaches to charming colonial towns, here are the 5 best places I explored in this vibrant and underrated country.

A SONG OF HOPE (Documentary film about Guinea-Bissau)

Map of Guinea-Bissau:

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Map Showing Guinea-Bissau Location in Africa:

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Countries Bordering Guinea-Bissau:

Guinea-Bissau is on the continent of Africa and borders Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south (sometimes referred to as GuineaConakry after its capital Conakry), and it’s Atlantic Ocean coast is composed of the Bijagós archipelago, with more than 100 islands. Despite its size, Guinea-Bissau is host to a large variety of ethnic groups, languages, and religions. The population of Guinea-Bissau is estimated to be around 2,161,000 in 2023.

  1. Senegal
  2. Guinea (GuineaConakry)
  3. Bijagós Archipelago (Bissagos Islands)
  4. Atlantic Ocean
  5. Africa

Guinea Bissau || Why You Should Visit It Right Now – 2021

Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau:

1. Bijagós Archipelago: An Island Escape Like No Other

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Map showing location of Bijagós Archipelago / Bissagos Islands in Guinea-Bissau

Bijagós Archipelago/Bissagos Islands: Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing on the shore and stepping onto powdery white sand. That’s exactly what I experienced on the Bijagós Archipelago. These islands are a dream come true for beach lovers. I found myself snorkeling with playful dolphins and even spotted a sea turtle gracefully gliding by. For breakfast, a simple yet delightful meal of fresh fruit and local pastries was the perfect start to my island adventure.

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2. Bissau: Where History Meets Vibrancy

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Map showing location of Bissau City in Guinea-Bissau

Bissau, the capital city, surprised me with its lively markets and colorful streets. The Fortaleza d’Amura, an old Portuguese fortress, offered panoramic views that left me in awe. And let’s not forget the coffee! I stumbled upon a local café tucked away in a corner. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, and their pastries were a sweet delight.

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3. Cacheu: A Journey Back in Time

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Map showing location of Cacheu in Guinea-Bissau

Stepping into Cacheu felt like a journey back in time. The town’s colonial architecture and the ruins of Fortaleza de Cacheu made me feel like an explorer from a different era. For a quiet and soul-soothing sundowner experience, I found a hidden spot by the river. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the golden glow painted the sky, creating a moment of pure serenity.

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4. João Vieira and Poilão National Marine Park: Dive into Paradise

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Map showing location of João Vieira and Poilão National Marine Park in Guinea-Bissau

Diving into the crystal-clear waters of João Vieira and Poilão National Marine Park was like entering a whole new world. Snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs, I swam alongside colorful fish, and a curious sea turtle even made an appearance! The locals recommended a beachside café for the best seafood lunch, and boy, did it live up to the hype!

Rescuing and counting a baby turtles nest in the Sacred Island of Poilão – Bijagos – 2020

5. Varela: Where Beach Dreams Come True

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Map showing location of Varela in Guinea-Bissau

Varela, oh Varela! This coastal paradise stole my heart with its endless stretches of sandy shores. I started my day with a refreshing swim, followed by a lazy beachside breakfast. Later, I found the perfect spot to watch the sun set. As the sky turned shades of orange and pink, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the beauty that Guinea-Bissau had unveiled to me.

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Did we mention the food? EAT!

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Embarking on a culinary journey in Guinea-Bissau is an experience that tantalizes the taste buds and enriches the soul. The country’s cuisine reflects its diverse cultural heritage, with flavors that draw inspiration from West African, Portuguese, and indigenous traditions.

From savoring succulent grilled seafood by the turquoise shores to delving into hearty stews bursting with local ingredients, each dish is a symphony of tastes and textures. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in flavorful rice-based dishes, aromatic grilled meats, and vibrant sauces that are a feast for both the eyes and palate.

And as the sun sets over the horizon, gather with locals to savor the communal joy of breaking bread, sharing stories, and celebrating the unique flavors that make Guinea-Bissau’s food scene truly unforgettable.

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Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Essential Things to Know Before Traveling to Guinea-Bissau:

Traveling to Guinea-Bissau, a charming country on the West African coast, requires some preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here are some essential things to know before you embark on your adventure:

  1. Visa and Entry Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your nationality before traveling to Guinea-Bissau. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date.
  2. Health Precautions:
  • Vaccinations: Consult a travel health clinic or healthcare provider for required and recommended vaccinations, including yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and meningitis.
  • Malaria: Guinea-Bissau is a malaria-endemic area. Take malaria prophylaxis, use mosquito repellents, and sleep under mosquito nets to prevent bites.
  1. Travel Insurance: Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost belongings.
  2. Local Customs and Culture:
  • Respect for Local Customs: Guinea-Bissau is a diverse country with various ethnic groups and religions. Respect local customs, dress modestly, and ask for permission before taking photos of people.
  • Languages: The official language is Portuguese, but various indigenous languages are also spoken. Learning some basic Portuguese phrases can be helpful.
  1. Safety and Security:
  • Crime: While serious crimes are relatively low, petty theft and scams can occur. Keep your belongings secure and be cautious in crowded places.
  1. Currency and Payment: The West African CFA franc (XOF) is used in Guinea-Bissau. Credit cards are not widely accepted, so it’s advisable to carry cash.
  2. Communication: Internet access can be limited outside major cities. Consider getting a local SIM card for communication, but keep in mind that network coverage might vary.
  3. Transportation:
  • Local Transport: Guinea-Bissau has limited public transportation. Taxis are a common mode of getting around cities. Negotiate fares before starting the journey.
  • Domestic Flights: If you’re traveling between major cities, consider domestic flights for quicker travel.
  1. Electricity: The standard voltage is 220V, and the outlets are of the European two-pin type.
  2. Local Cuisine: Guinea-Bissau’s cuisine is a fusion of African and Portuguese flavors. Be sure to try local dishes like “caldo de mancarra” (peanut stew) and “arroz de djagacida” (rice with seafood).
  3. Weather and Clothing: Guinea-Bissau has a tropical climate. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing, along with sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent.
  4. Local Markets and Shopping: Bargaining is common in local markets. If you plan to shop for souvenirs, be prepared to negotiate prices.
  5. Responsible Tourism: Be mindful of your environmental impact. Avoid single-use plastics, respect wildlife, and follow responsible travel practices.
  6. Cultural Etiquette: Greet people with a handshake and a smile. Ask for permission before entering someone’s home.
  7. Stay Informed: Check travel advisories, local news, and embassy updates before and during your trip.

By familiarizing yourself with these essentials, you’ll be better equipped to embrace the beauty, culture, and hospitality that Guinea-Bissau has to offer.

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How to Get to Guinea-Bissau:

Getting to Guinea-Bissau, a picturesque country located on the West African coast, involves a combination of flights and sometimes land transportation. Here’s a guide on how to get there:

1. By Air:

  • Bissau Osvaldo Vieira International Airport: This is the main international airport in Guinea-Bissau, located in the capital city, Bissau. It receives flights from various destinations in Africa and Europe.

2. Connecting Flights:

  • Depending on your departure location, you might need to take connecting flights to reach Bissau. Major airports like Lisbon, Dakar, and Casablanca often serve as transit points.

3. Choosing Airlines:

  • Major airlines like TAP Air Portugal, Royal Air Maroc, and Air Senegal offer flights to Bissau. Check flight search engines and official airline websites for available options.

4. Visa and Entry Requirements:

  • Check the visa requirements for Guinea-Bissau based on your nationality. Ensure your passport has enough validity beyond your planned return date.

5. Health Precautions:

  • Consult a travel health clinic for necessary vaccinations and health precautions. Malaria is prevalent in Guinea-Bissau, so take proper prophylaxis and mosquito protection measures.

6. Travel Insurance:

  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and trip cancellations.

7. Local Transportation:

  • Taxis: Taxis are available at the airport for transport within Bissau. Negotiate fares before starting your journey.
  • Shared Taxis: Shared taxis are common for getting around in the city. They operate fixed routes and are a budget-friendly option.

8. Domestic Flights:

  • If you plan to explore regions beyond Bissau, consider domestic flights to cities like Bafatá or Gabú.

9. Land Borders:

  • Guinea-Bissau shares borders with Senegal and Guinea. You might consider overland travel from these countries, although it’s important to check current border conditions and travel advisories.

10. Local Customs and Language:

  • Guinea-Bissau’s official language is Portuguese, but Creole is widely spoken. Learning a few basic Portuguese or Creole phrases can be helpful for communication.

11. Currency and Payment:

  • The West African CFA franc (XOF) is used in Guinea-Bissau. Cash is commonly used, and credit cards might have limited acceptance.

12. Local Culture:

  • Respect local customs and traditions, especially in rural areas. Greeting people with a handshake and asking for permission before taking photos is a common practice.

13. Stay Informed:

  • Check official travel advisories and the latest information on entry requirements, health advisories, and safety before your trip.

By planning ahead and staying informed, you can ensure a smooth and memorable journey to Guinea-Bissau, a country brimming with natural beauty and cultural richness.

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How to Get Around Guinea-Bissau:

Getting around Guinea-Bissau, a captivating West African country, involves a mix of transportation modes due to its diverse landscapes and infrastructure. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this unique destination:

Taxis and Motorcycle Taxis (Moto-Taxis):

  • Taxis are a common mode of transportation within cities like Bissau. Negotiate fares before starting your journey.
  • Motorcycle taxis, known as moto-taxis, are popular for short distances. They’re an adventurous way to maneuver through traffic in urban areas.

Shared Minibuses (Toca-Tocas):

  • Shared minibuses, often referred to as toca-tocas, are a primary form of public transportation within cities and between towns. They operate on fixed routes and can be crowded.

Private Car Hire:

  • You can hire private cars with drivers for more comfort and convenience. Negotiate fares and discuss routes and schedules in advance.

Domestic Flights:

  • Domestic flights connect major cities and towns. This can be a time-saving option, especially if you’re traveling long distances within the country.

Ferries and Boats:

  • Ferries and boats are used for river crossings and to reach islands. They offer a unique way to explore the waterways of Guinea-Bissau.


  • Walking is a viable option in urban areas and small towns. It’s a great way to experience local life up close.

Local Etiquette and Language:

  • Guinea-Bissau’s official language is Portuguese, and Creole is widely spoken. Learning a few basic phrases can enhance your interactions.
  • Greet people with a handshake and a smile. Be respectful of local customs and traditions.

Safety and Comfort:

  • Guinea-Bissau’s road infrastructure can be basic, especially outside major cities. Be prepared for bumpy roads and consider taking necessary precautions for comfort.

Local Currency and Payment:

  • The West African CFA franc (XOF) is the local currency. Cash is widely used, and credit cards may have limited acceptance.

Local Markets and Street Food:

  • Embrace the local culture by exploring markets and trying street food. Bargaining is common in markets, so hone your negotiation skills.

Cultural Experiences:

  • Engage with locals and immerse yourself in cultural experiences. Participating in traditional events and festivals can provide insights into Guinea-Bissau’s rich heritage.

Stay Informed:

  • Stay updated on the current travel conditions, safety advisories, and local news. Consult locals or reliable sources for the latest information.

By embracing the local modes of transportation and respecting the customs of Guinea-Bissau, you’ll have the chance to explore its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture while creating lasting memories of your journey.

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FAQ – Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau and Traveling to Guinea-Bissau in General

Traveling to Guinea-Bissau: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: Where is Guinea-Bissau located?

  • A: Guinea-Bissau is situated on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south and east.

2. Q: What is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: The capital city of Guinea-Bissau is Bissau.

3. Q: What language is spoken in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: The official language of Guinea-Bissau is Portuguese, and Creole is widely spoken.

4. Q: Do I need a visa to travel to Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Visa requirements vary by nationality. Check with the nearest Guinea-Bissau embassy or consulate for the latest visa information.

5. Q: Is Guinea-Bissau safe for travelers?

  • A: Guinea-Bissau is generally safe, but travelers should exercise caution, especially in urban areas. Be aware of your surroundings and follow local advice.

6. Q: What vaccinations do I need before traveling to Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Yellow fever vaccination is required. Consult a travel health clinic for other recommended vaccines, such as hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and malaria prophylaxis.

7. Q: What’s the best time to visit Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: The dry season from November to April is ideal for visiting due to pleasant weather. The wet season from May to October can bring heavy rains.

8. Q: What is the local currency in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: The local currency is the West African CFA franc (XOF).

9. Q: How can I get around within Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Transportation options include taxis, shared minibuses (toca-tocas), domestic flights, and boats for river crossings and island hopping.

10. Q: What should I pack for my trip to Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Pack lightweight clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable shoes, and any necessary medications.

11. Q: Can I use credit cards in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Credit cards are not widely accepted, especially outside major cities. It’s recommended to carry cash.

12. Q: What are some must-try local dishes in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Sample dishes like “caldo de mancarra” (peanut stew), “arroz de djagacida” (rice with seafood), and fresh seafood from coastal regions.

13. Q: Are there any cultural etiquette considerations to be aware of?

  • A: Greet people with a handshake and respect local customs. Ask for permission before taking photos of people.

14. Q: Are there any health concerns in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Malaria is prevalent in Guinea-Bissau. Take malaria prophylaxis, use mosquito repellent, and sleep under mosquito nets.

15. Q: How can I ensure a responsible and respectful visit to Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Learn about the local culture, respect customs, minimize environmental impact, and support local communities through responsible tourism practices.

Remember that travel information can change, so it’s recommended to check official government travel advisories and reliable sources before your trip to Guinea-Bissau.

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Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: What are some must-visit places in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Some top destinations in Guinea-Bissau include Bissau, Bijagós Archipelago, Cacheu, João Vieira and Poilão National Marine Park, and Bolama.

2. Q: What can I explore in Bissau, the capital city?

  • A: Bissau offers historical sites like Fortaleza d’Amura, local markets, and vibrant cultural experiences. The National Ethnographic Museum is worth a visit.

3. Q: What’s unique about the Bijagós Archipelago?

  • A: The Bijagós Archipelago is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with stunning beaches, mangroves, and rich marine life. Look out for saltwater hippos on Ilha de Orango.

4. Q: What’s the historical significance of Cacheu?

  • A: Cacheu is known for its colonial heritage. Explore Fortaleza de Cacheu, once a center of the slave trade, and learn about the town’s history.

5. Q: What’s special about João Vieira and Poilão National Marine Park?

  • A: This marine park is a haven for marine life, including sea turtles and colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling and birdwatching are popular activities here.

6. Q: What can I experience in Bolama?

  • A: Bolama, the former colonial capital, offers a unique blend of historical ruins and serene ambiance. Explore the old governor’s palace and stroll through the quiet streets.

7. Q: Are there any other islands to explore?

  • A: Visit Orango Islands and Bubaque Island within the Bijagós Archipelago for more beaches, wildlife, and local culture.

8. Q: Can I experience traditional culture in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Yes, immerse yourself in local culture by visiting rural villages, witnessing traditional ceremonies, and interacting with the indigenous population.

9. Q: Are there opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts?

  • A: Guinea-Bissau’s natural landscapes offer chances to spot saltwater hippos, sea turtles, and various bird species in their natural habitats.

10. Q: What’s the best time to visit for tourism?

  • A: The dry season from November to April is considered ideal for visiting, with pleasant weather and opportunities for outdoor exploration.

11. Q: Can I engage in water-based activities in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Yes, the coastal areas and islands offer activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing, and even boating through the mangroves.

12. Q: Are there any local festivals or events to experience?

  • A: Depending on your travel timing, you might have the chance to witness local festivals celebrating traditional music, dance, and culture.

13. Q: How can I plan my travel itinerary in Guinea-Bissau?

  • A: Research in advance, prioritize places of interest, consider travel distances, and align your itinerary with local events or festivals.

14. Q: What’s the best way to respect local customs and traditions?

  • A: Learn about local customs, ask for permission before taking photos, dress modestly, and show appreciation for cultural practices.

15. Q: Can I find accommodations in various price ranges?

  • A: Accommodation options vary from budget guesthouses to mid-range hotels. Book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Remember to gather the latest information from reliable sources and consider local customs when planning your visit to the diverse and culturally rich destinations in Guinea-Bissau.

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Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau – Final Thoughts:

So, there you have it, my fellow travelers. Guinea-Bissau might be under the radar, but it’s a destination that rewards the curious and the adventurous. From sunrise breakfasts to sunset reveries, this country has etched memories in my heart that will last a lifetime. Get ready to explore the unexplored and discover the charm of Guinea-Bissau!

Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau
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Our Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau – By David John

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Places to Visit in Guinea-Bissau

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